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  psychocrypt 138c2140b3 forbid PR to master branch 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 92dcd340d1
Merge pull request #116 from psychocrypt/topic-checkIfBinarySupportsGPUArch 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 6d6c185393
Merge pull request #101 from psychocrypt/topuc-amdTuning 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 21b9863def
Merge pull request #114 from psychocrypt/fix-wrongMemoryDetection 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 117493dc53 Fix misc bugs (#117) 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 70737c8d1a check gpu architecture 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 0659458523 fix wrong memory detection 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 350158a668 AMD: increase memory pool 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 288363814f
Merge pull request #103 from fireice-uk/topic-versioning 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 04e4d28c98 update help and documentation 6 years ago
  Unknown 48071db738 Change attribution 6 years ago
  Unknown 2fe7026507 Added long version as a separate option 6 years ago
  fireice-uk b1645f6e26
Merge pull request #104 from psychocrypt/topic-hashrateReportCli 6 years ago
  fireice-uk b63593379e
Merge pull request #107 from psychocrypt/topic-nativeCompile 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 9bc2d25c86
Merge pull request #108 from psychocrypt/fix-documentation 6 years ago
  Unknown b48ca65c0b Add version to web and json 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 26129b1d24 fix wrong box ending 6 years ago
  psychocrypt fa752284bb native compile by default 6 years ago
  psychocrypt f0875b614c add cli option `-v/--version` 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 062287ad47 fix compile 6 years ago
  psychocrypt b0a9ddc1a1 improve cli hashrate report 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 13433097a3 add backend type 6 years ago
  Unknown 71c4e937ae fix win build 6 years ago
  Unknown 8f52eb85b3 Versioning final version 6 years ago
  Unknown 0bae47a754 Define GIT_COMMIT_HASH via cmake or git archive 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 22039b2a87 Add third-party cc info (#100) 6 years ago
  fireice-uk c395800ab5 Disable sigpipe on posix systems (#99) 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 7942372e21 Add HTTP Digest auth (#98) 6 years ago
  fireice-uk d35893d926 Multi-pool final version (#90) 6 years ago
  fireice-uk b3237bab58
Merge pull request #95 from psychocrypt/topic-updateCompileDocu 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 0ece44271f update compile documentation 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 6ff6e32306
Merge pull request #94 from psychocrypt/fix-cuda9WindowsCompile 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 787ce4a146 fix windows CUDA 9 compile 6 years ago
  fireice-uk f03f859564
Merge pull request #89 from psychocrypt/topic-optimizeNVIDIAAutosuggestion 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 5acec3ea8e optimize NVIDIA autosuggestion 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 11f1028782
Merge pull request #86 from psychocrypt/topic-searchBackendLibraries 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 14f041a971 search for linux backend plugins 6 years ago
  fireice-uk bc18ee3fd7
Merge pull request #85 from psychocrypt/fix-OSXdynamicLibraryExtension 6 years ago
  fireice-uk a9f8933775
Merge pull request #84 from psychocrypt/fix-OSXCompile 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 56706805b4 add `CMAKE_POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE` 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 65794c5b5b OSX file file extension (dynamic libraries) 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 59a1531649 fix OSX compile 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 69e6013cee
Merge pull request #74 from psychocrypt/topic-vegaAutoSuggestion 6 years ago
  fireice-uk 83a15dc1e0
Merge pull request #80 from psychocrypt/topic-optionFlushStdOut 6 years ago
  fireice-uk b68e0fa5ff
Merge pull request #77 from psychocrypt/topic-appveyorCudaSupport 6 years ago
  Alessandro Da Rugna cb3fc22ac1 add option: flush stdout 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 34a3c701cf appveyor CUDA support 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 7ecf4cec6e fix windows compile and broken aeon 6 years ago
  fireice-uk a7fb89bec2
Merge pull request #72 from psychocrypt/topic-increaseSavetyMemory 6 years ago
  psychocrypt 3aa04f2871 tune VEGA auto suggestion 6 years ago