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  jojapoppa fb729ef933 image 1 year ago
  Joja Poppa e1960ed8d9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jojapoppa/fedoragold-xmr-stak 2 years ago
  Joja Poppa 6e0cd35f05 new build for mac 2 years ago
  Joja Poppa 98a37f0f7e updates for linux... 2 years ago
  Joja Poppa 37ff58a9a8 build update... 3 years ago
  jojapoppa be9abd6606 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jojapoppa/fedoragold-xmr-stak 3 years ago
  jojapoppa 4fc925f907 build options 3 years ago
  Joja Poppa 37f55753e1 static build of hwloc 3 years ago
  jojapoppa 16b77656fd passing worker name in rigid field now... 3 years ago
  jojapoppa aa38a839d0 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jojapoppa/fedoragold-xmr-stak 3 years ago
  jojapoppa 3766b6e98a added full params needed to run without any prompts... 3 years ago
  Joja Poppa 1e9fcd49b7 added build instructions for mac... 3 years ago
  jojapoppa 190d19b847 docs on Windows build... 3 years ago
  Joja Poppa 8897c9031a took out cuda for now... will add back in later... 3 years ago
  jojapoppa 5e9725d0c6 xmr stak for fedoragold in-wallet mining 3 years ago
  Fork TIPS 5e2c367258 small thing 4 years ago
  Fork TIPS 3df5504fad fixes for fedg mining 4 years ago
  Fork TIPS e2c6b769a1 added support for FedoraGold (FED) coin on cryptonight_fedg algo 4 years ago
  Fork TIPS 35996b9ba3 adding cryptonight_fedg algo 4 years ago
  fireice-uk 752fd1e7e2
Merge pull request #2011 from fireice-uk/dev 4 years ago
  fireice-uk 07d2de336b
Merge pull request #2010 from psychocrypt/topic-versionIncreaseTo2.5.2 4 years ago
  fireice-uk eefd057d60
Merge pull request #2003 from psychocrypt/fix-cudaWrongNumberOfThreads 4 years ago
  psychocrypt c5b7c80b22 update version to 2.5.2 4 years ago
  psychocrypt 4c64ffe134
Merge pull request #2001 from jagerman/graft-cnv2 4 years ago
  psychocrypt 954296ed80 NVIDIA: fix wrong number of threads 4 years ago
  Jason Rhinelander a4a9657012 Update for upcoming Graft CNv2 fork 4 years ago
  fireice-uk 4e72408ff9
Merge pull request #1958 from fireice-uk/dev 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 5e66d4c78f
Merge pull request #1956 from fireice-uk/topic-print-on-gpu-err 5 years ago
  fireice-uk 924abda0bf Add console warning on GPU error. 5 years ago
  psychocrypt ecac892ee1
Merge pull request #1881 from Blitss/patch-1 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 2f6528656d
Merge pull request #1949 from Dead2/missingtest 5 years ago
  psychocrypt b4515fbcd9
Merge pull request #1950 from Dead2/obsoletecode 5 years ago
  fireice-uk a0be4c0bfb
Merge pull request #1955 from psychocrypt/topic-updateVersionTo2.5.1 5 years ago
  fireice-uk bc9c1db96a
Merge pull request #1954 from psychocrypt/topic-updateAMDINstallDocu 5 years ago
  fireice-uk a78079da4b
Merge pull request #1951 from psychocrypt/fix-fixAmdDriver14XXCompile 5 years ago
  psychocrypt dd906d5a3a update version to 2.5.1 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 6ebcdd3603 update AMD install docu 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 6fc6e3a51a fix AMD driver 14 5 years ago
  Hans Kristian Rosbach 13e3507410 Remove dead code 5 years ago
  Hans Kristian Rosbach d79a4e7b53 Add missing test for cryptonight_lite 5 years ago
  fireice-uk b0472c5d3c
Merge pull request #1940 from psychocrypt/topic-reduceBlockingDuringMetricUpdate 5 years ago
  fireice-uk 6b7752906e
Merge pull request #1945 from psychocrypt/fix-amdDriver14XXCompile 5 years ago
  fireice-uk 0584ccf66c
Merge pull request #1928 from psychocrypt/fix-accessUninitializedValue 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 2a0d565b8b fix broken AMD OpenCL compile 5 years ago
  psychocrypt ca14c9df2d reduce blocking during metric update 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 5da57b93cf fix access uninitialized value 5 years ago
  psychocrypt 90125127a2
Merge pull request #1900 from fireice-uk/dev 5 years ago
  fireice-uk 9fe30b2b84
Merge pull request #1892 from psychocrypt/topic-versionIncreaseTo2.5.0 5 years ago
  fireice-uk b862dc25b9
Merge pull request #1898 from psychocrypt/topic-supportMultipleCUDALibraries 5 years ago
  psychocrypt db55e8a33f
Merge pull request #1899 from fireice-uk/topic-fix-logo 5 years ago