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FedoraGold (FED) Utilities

Prerequisite Documentation Maintenance License: GPL-3.0

Adapted from the library turtlecoin-utils


This package contains a number of different utility libraries that help with the following network and wallet based activities:

  • Wallet (and Address) generation, verification, and encoding/decoding
  • Block handling, construction, decoding, and ID and PoW hash calculation
  • Block template handling
  • Multisig operations including Multisig participant message exchanges
  • RPC interations with fedoragold_daemon and Wallet-API
  • Network P2P communication protocols (connect to the P2P network directly)
  • Transaction construction facilities
  • Ledger hardware wallet interaction for the TurtleCoin® Ledger Wallet Application
  • Transaction handling, construction, decoding, hash calculations, TX_EXTRA parsing, etc
  • Deterministic subwallet generation
  • And much, much, more...

If you experience any issues with this library, the best way to address such situations is to submit a Pull Request to resolve the issue you are running into.



import {
} from 'fedoragold-utils'
const coinUtils = new CryptoNote()


const FedoragoldUtils = require('fedoragold-utils')
const coinUtils = new FedoragoldUtils.CryptoNote()

Browser Support

When packing for the browser with a tool like webpack we advise that you use the ready event of the webpacked module to determine when the Cryptographic methods are available.

<script src="FedoragoldUtils.js"></script>
  FedoragoldUtils.on('ready', () => {
    const coinUtils = new FedoragoldUtils.CryptoNote()


You can find the full documentation for this library here


Special thanks goes out to: